LugRadio Documentary – Don't Listen Alone

Who’s Who

Jono Bacon is one of the founding presenters of LugRadio. Most of the episodes of LugRadio were recorded in the make-shift studio at his house in Wolverhampton. He was responsible for mixing and editing the episodes of LugRadio.

Stuart LangridgeStuart Langridge is one of the founding presenters of LugRadio. He was the only other presenter to stay with the show from start to finish.

Chris Procter joined the LugRadio presenter line-up for season five, having been in charge of the crew for the LugRadio Live conferences.

Adam Sweet joined the LugRadio team as a full-time presenter towards the end of the fourth season, having been a guest presenter in earlier seasons.

Ade Bradshaw joined LugRadio as a presenter at the beginning of season two and left at the end of season four. Known for his love of RedHat and Fedora and his shiny bald head.

Matt RevellMatt Revell is one of the founding presenters of LugRadio. He left the show during season four to concentrate on other projects.

Tony Whitmore started listening to LugRadio half way through the first season and has attended every LugRadio Live event. He conducted the interviews and operated the camera a lot. He also wrote, edited and mixed the documentary.

Laura Cowen was camera operator for some of the material, particularly from LugRadio Live USA 2008.

Jenny Griffin narrated the documentary.

Ted Strain was the videographer for the LugRadio Live USA 2008 event.